Providing 16", 17", 17.5", 19.5", 22.5" and 24.5" wheel simulators since 1987!

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RV Stuff has been in the business of supplying hi-quality wheel simulators for RVs, motorhomes, tow trucks, bus conversions and emergency services vehicles for over 23 years.

Wheel simulators are a high value cost alternative to standard aluminum wheels, a lot less expensive while making your wheels shine and your vehicle looking great.

RV Stuff carries all sizes of wheel simulators including 16", 17", 17.5", 19.5", 22.5" and 24.5".  Whether your vehicle is a Ford, GM, Chevy, Dodge, International, Nissan, heavy duty or anything in between, you can be confident we'll have the wheel simulators in stock that will be the right fit.

To be certain our wheel simulators are of the highest quality, we ensure they are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions; being inspected visually and tested in the laboratory under rigorous conditions including salt-spray testing on a regular basis in order to ensure quality.  All of our wheel simulators are produced with a certified 304-grade stainless steel and undergo a 3-stage finishing process that includes hand polishing.